Weekend Project: Super TV-B-Gone

Are you sick of blaring TV’s? Wish you could do something about it?
Well you can with the this devious ultra-high-power version of the popular TV-B-Gone.
Watch the video to see it in action and pick up your own at the Maker Shed.
In the Maker Shed:


In the Maker Shed: Super TV-B-Gone kit
To download The Super TV-B-Gone MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes.
Thanks to Mitch Altman for inventing this amazing gadget.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Super TV-B-Gone

  1. Hi, I’m an swedish guy who wonders if ti work at the other side of the Atlantic. In the description it says that it works best in North america and Asia but does it work in EU? And if it does, is there any company(like sony or LG) that it doesn’t work on?

  2. I was at an Applebee’s the other day, sitting at the bar. I looked up at the TV and noticed a little sticker on the screen that said something like, “FCC copyright laws prevent the volume from being on for this programming/TV”.

    This allows them to broadcast sporting events and such without getting fined for copyright infringement, etc. Which is also why they have the CC turned on.

    1. @ HaKan – I think the adbusters website sells these but it was invented by Mitch Altman and was his idea. It is available in the Maker Shed.

  3. Interesting device, but too “responsible” for my taste. I would like something MUCH more powerful. Something that would work at pretty much any distance – perhaps controlling a town’s TV sets from a hilltop, or from a passing aircraft.

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