In MAKE Volume 14, Michael Zbyszynski showed us how to really geek out in the kitchen by introducing us to molecular gastronomy, a movement happening in the culinary world. As he describes it, “Essentially, it involves applying scientific techniques and methodologies to the cooking process. One of the more interesting techniques is the use of common substances to control the texture of foods, often in surprising ways. You don’t need a chemistry lab to pull off such effects. With a few inexpensive tools and chemicals, it’s possible to use spherification to make all kinds of ‘caviar’ (and other shapes) in your own kitchen.” Michael showed us how to make a “spherical array” (that’s Michael pictured above in his kitchen with the array he made) that enables you to quickly make many pieces of caviar. He also shared a recipe to make juice caviar and incorporate it into molecular mojitos! The method isolates the cocktail’s ingredients into individual caviars, each with its own distinct color and flavor. The drink flavors come together on the tongue. Here’s a closeup of the spherical array:


And here’s the molecular mojito:


Michael is joining us again this year at Maker Faire Bay Area on May30th and 31st in San Mateo, Calif. Come on out and meet him, and watch his live molecular gastronomy demonstrations!