Book-A-Day in May
Last week was the last in our Book-A-Day in May, where we gave away Maker’s Notebooks to 20 Twitter followers and four Arduino MEGAs.

Last week’s winners of Maker’s Notebooks were @j0nny5 @Arroxane @1stPageofGoogle @philomathickat @johalloran

The winner of last week’s Arduino MEGA microcontroller was @eemaguire

If you haven’t direct-messaged us on Twitter, please do it now so we can get the books out to you.

Twittering Maker Faire
Thanks to everyone who Twittered about Maker Faire and who sent us in tips for @FaireTraffic. We had a fabulous Faire and the traffic and parking situations were relatively painless/smooth, given the tens of thousands of people moving in and out of the area. We heard few complaints about significant bottlenecks.

Make: Tips
Don’t forget to subscribe to @make_tips, if you don’t already, and to send us tips. Here are a few recent ones:


# Silver binder clips as emergency cufflinks:

# For a nice finish with spray paint, sand before you prime, and prime before you paint. Follow up with several thin clear coats.

# A jewelers wooden ring clamp is awesome for holding small parts: (via @wackyvorlon)

# Embroidery floss organizers work great for storing components when traveling. Get them at the craft store.