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Super skull roundupalooza

Skulls! Who doesn’t love ’em?

Well, me, for one, and probably a bunch of other folks who don’t care to be constantly reminded of mortality. We seem to be in the minority, however, with most deriving some kind of weird existential thrill, or deep Buddhist-y zen calm, from staring deep into the empty, black sockets of eternally grinning Death. Whee!

So, in honor of you deranged necrophiles, (especially you, Noah Scalin) I’ve rounded up three years worth of skullaphenalia from MAKE and CRAFT. Whether your taste runs to soft-and-cuddly pink death or cold-and-creepy-with-tentacles death, you’re sure to find something among these links that quenches your malevolent bloodthirst. You make me sick! Also: Enjoy!


Livejournaler vomitsaw’s bracelet is made from an etched PCB, with solder pads for eyes and mating RCA connectors as a clasp.

Cute death:


Shawn Bowman’s sugar-skull tutorial will have you smacking your lips on sweet death in no time.

Tasty death:


Mark Kilner’s “Numbskull” is a plastic skull covered in painkillers.

Arty death:


Wayne Martin Belger’s cenobite-esque “Third Eye” is a century-old skull fitted with a pinhole camera.

Downright creepy death:


My own “Deathblinger” clock is a rhinestone de-gentrification of a high-falutin’ designer diamond watch.

Miscellaneous death:


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