Something about the lightheartedness of summer brings out the trickster, and one of the trickster’s essential tools is the Covert Wireless Listening device, this week’s flashback from the treasure trove of trickster tools, MAKE, Volume 16, the Spy Tech issue. Maker David Simpson wrote up this fun and easy project and claims, “If it weren’t for the ‘covert’ part, you could have all the components working together before you leave the RadioShack where you got them.” Simpson stashes the sneaky bug in a hardcover book, but you could get crafty with your choice of stash vessel. He suggests a stuffed animal, basket of potpourri, or maybe even your dog’s collar. It all depends on the nature of your personal covert mission.


Here’s the entire project for you in our Digital Edition. This would be a great project to do with your own budding little trickster. Just beware that your co-conspirator may end up playing a trick on you.

For plenty more spy essentials, you can still pick up back issues of MAKE Volume 16 in the Maker Shed!