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Quick ‘n dirty lasercut iPhone stand

MAKE contributor Tod Kurt created this nice little iPhone/iPod stand from four pieces laser-cut acrylic scraps.

It is made of four slices of 1/4″ acrylic (actual width 0.22″). The top two slices have an oval opening just snug enough to fit the iPod connector and keep it in place with friction. The third slice has a channel for the cable to escape out the back, and the bottom slice keeps the cable from falling out and provides some pushback when the iPhone is inserted. It’s held together by four 1″ 2-56 machine screws with nuts. I was a little concerned with the nuts scratching the table, so I’ve since added little hot glue feet to the bottom of each nut.

Quickie Laser-cut iPhone/iPod Dock

6 thoughts on “Quick ‘n dirty lasercut iPhone stand

  1. Sweet, maybe i’ll make one on my laser cutter most people have laying around. Maybe you should include an injection molded version tutorial too.

  2. @stbtra: there are literally hundreds of companies that offer laser cutting services. Making a project like this could cost as little as $10-$20, without requiring fancy equipment on your part.

    Here are just a few:

    This is not at all like injection molding, which does still require a significant investment.

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