Let me start this review by saying that most sewing machines typically drive me to the brink of insanity, where I end up preferring to do my sewing by hand than to wrangle with an uncooperative machine. My pile of mends and hems was reaching skyscraper status, so I went into the MAKE and CRAFT Lab here at headquarters and asked our interns if they could recommend one of the machines for me to borrow. They sent me home with the Singer Curvy.
I set up my workspace, and settled in with my pile. From winding the bobbin to threading the machine to sewing with various stitches and on various fabrics, the Curvy was my BFF. It was the most user-friendly machine I’ve ever tried. I worked through my pile of mends and hems with ease. I used regular thread as well as invisible thread, and I worked on fabrics including denim, velour, cotton, and corduroy (did I mention how high my pile was?) without a hitch.
It’s not like I expect my sewing machine to do backflips and make me coffee; I just really need it to be easy to use and not problematic. No tangles, no hassles is what I got with the Curvy. I know how to use a sewing machine but I’m no expert, and the Curvy was very intuitive. I liked the work space that it offered (great lighting too) and the smooth feed and presser foot. It also has cool little helpful touches like beeping when your needle is no longer threaded. My pile of mending is complete, I feel like I have a new wardrobe, and I spent no time being frustrated. Awesome.