CRAFT: We <3 Pets
Cat Food Wrapper Pet Collar
by Vickie Howell

Make your eco-pet proud with this collar made out of recycled materials. By turning food wrappers and bedding pouches into neck decor, you’ll find that feline fashion is in the bag!


Pet food bag
Poly bag sheets or pillowcase packaging
2 snaps
Sewing machine



Step 1: Measure.
Wrangle your pet and measure his or her neck. Add 4″ to that measurement.
Step 2: Cut.
Tear apart the poly bag so that it’s a flat piece. Do the same for the pet food bag. Cut strips out of both pieces that are 2″ x whatever measurement you got above. Lay the food wrapper strip face down on the plastic strip, then fold in half so that the wrapper is sandwiched between the plastic with the pretty side facing out.
Step 3: Sew.
Top-stitch the piece closed. Trim, if necessary.
Step 4: Snap.
Place the strip around your pet’s neck to figure out the snap placement. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, install the snap. If you’d like the collar to be adjustable, add another snap or 2.
Petcollar Back
About the Author:
Vickie Howell is a mother, designer, writer, and crafty spokesperson. She writes regular craft columns for Knit.1 Magazine and, and is the of author several books including her latest, Pop Goes Crochet (Lark Books May ’09). Learn more about Vickie’s projects at