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I built the Mechamo Crab kit a while ago and really enjoyed the experience. I finally got around to making my Mechamo Centipede kit, which has been sitting in my studio for many months! The entire build took a few hours, but I’ll spare you all the details and speed it up a bit, well, a lot!

More about the Mechamo Centipede kit


Build: Mechamo Crab & Halloween Hack

8 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Mechamo Centipede kit

  1. I Had a great time building the Mechamo Centipede. The design is wonderful to look at and it’s a great conversation piece. Unfortunately it’s pretty much completely boring to actually try to control or play with. It moves at about 1 mile per hour. I sold it on ebay for $100. I think it made me realize that I’m much more interested in making things that are useful to me. Like guitar pedals.

    1. Thank you so much Marc. Please tell your friend, it’s f****** great sound he’s doing. I just bought the Bell EP in iTunes. ;o))

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