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Skateboard stools

I spotted these nifty stools on the Inhabitat blog and immediately had two thoughts — these are super cool(!), and there’s gotta be a way to use the 6 or so skateboards scattered in my yard to make one myself (or a close facsimile thereof).

After these thoughts, I immediately went to the maker’s website to see how much one of the stools, just as a fallback you understand, would set me back. After all, the seat on top looks a little tricky to fabricate. I thought the $199 price tag was extremely fair for the workmanship involved, but it was just high enough to make me carve out a few hours in the coming weekend to do some experimenting. If I bring myself to actually cut the end off a couple of decks, I’ll report back in the Comments. And if I prefer, I can always send my old boards to Deckstool for a custom job (and a 20 buck discount).

2 thoughts on “Skateboard stools

  1. It would be equally as interesting to turn this into a storage unit for your board or another product which would turn your board into a seat which you could carry with you, as sitting on your board is too low and you roll a bit hehe.

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