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Researches at the Univerity of Toronto’s Dynamics Graphics Project are developing this gesture based 3D sketching program. By interpreting a sketch in 3D, the software allows one to adjust the perspective of the drawing while it is being made. [via core77]

6 thoughts on “ILoveSketch, a gesture-based 3D sketchpad

  1. I was able to see this software in action first hand at Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans and it is impressive. I have a background in industrial/entertainment design and it would be an extremely valuable tool designers and makers.

  2. “… helps non-professional users to visualize and evolve a design directly in 3D…”
    It didnt seem very easy to me. Perhaps you need to be a professional to really see how easy it is?

  3. Are there any downloads available for the software?

    There are a lot of makers that have made good touch screens, it would be SO TOTALLY COOL to play with this software.

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