The paint has dried, the floor’s been swept of construction debris, and all the merchandise is now in place in the Maker Shed’s new Science Room section, their companion to our new Make: Science Room. To celebrate this accomplishment (think: ordering, receiving, warehousing, and merchandising hundreds of chemicals and lots of things made out of glass!), they’re holding a massive Grand Opening Sale. Almost all of the items in the Shed’s Science Room section are on sale, some items as much as 60%. Even the impressive line of microscopes they’re selling are on deep discount! They’ll be running this sale through the month of October. So, if you’ve been thinking of putting together a home science lab, now would be a good time to order your gear.


And I don’t know about you, but with all of that amazing labware available — beakers, test tubes, Erlenmeyer and distilling flasks — at such low prices, I’m definitely seeing a bubbling mad scientist’s lab inside my front door this Halloween!

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