MAKE reader Ken Wallich built a couple of versions (one shown above) of Larry Cotton’s Rok-Bak chair project from MAKE, Volume 19 and shared them with us. The Rok-Bak is an amazingly comfortable chair that’s easy to make and is built from a single sheet of plywood. Here’s what Ken had to say about the project:

This was a great novice project. Simple tools, simple build. In fact, painting the chair is more time consuming than building it! Wanted some deck chairs we could just leave out over the winter, and these were perfect, and economical to boot. Plus, they’re really easy to break down and store if we want to. Pics from my build:

Below are images of the other variation Ken built, a nice action shot from Ken, and the version with cushions from the pages of MAKE, Volume 19.




From MAKE magazine:
make volume 19 cover.gif
In MAKE, Volume 19: Robots, Rovers, and Drones, learn how to make a model plane with an autopilot and a built-in robot brain. We’ll also show you how to make a comfortable chair and footstool out of a single sheet of plywood, a bicyclist’s vest that shows how fast you’re going, and projects that introduce you to servomotors. All this, and lots more, in MAKE, Volume 19! Subscribe here. Buy the issue in the Maker Shed.