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Energy-harvesting rocking chair

Rochus Jacob designed this energy-harvesting rocking chair. It works by storing energy while you rock during the day, then lights up the attached OLED lamp at night. It is a neat concept, however there is no reason to wait for future technologies to build one. Just start with this human-powered fan design, add a small generator and a standard LED, grab your whittling project, and you should be set to go. [via gizmodo]

9 thoughts on “Energy-harvesting rocking chair

    1. I think the tricky part is picking a light source and a generator. I presume that the light should be chosen first, and the generator designed to meet that? I suspect that there won’t be a ton of energy available before the chair becomes uncomfortable to rock.

  1. It’s a stylish chair with lamp attached + high-tech wordage about nano-dynamos. The idea people have done their work. It IS a neat concept but the nerds shall take it from here. Nerds, whatever you do, please keep it from squeaking–that would ruin all the style.

    1. Hehehe, would it be ok if the chair was used to generate energy, which would then be used to play back a squeaking sound over some speakers?

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