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For years I didn’t consider myself a crafter or even very creative. Sure, I always decorated the house for holidays, did crafty projects with my kids, made my own gingerbread houses and face masks, loved to try new recipes, and shunned store-bought costumes for what I think are way better homemade creations, but a crafter? Not really.
These days I’m trying to convince myself that I am indeed a crafter. And when you’re surrounded by knitters, crocheters, professional seamstresses, painters, and soft-circuit mavens, you need lots of convincing! I recently went back through photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes that I’ve made, and gosh darn it, I am a crafter (of sorts). Enjoy the photos after the jump!
PS: Two of the costumes shown were store-bought, or mostly purchased at a store and then embellished with homey touches.See if you can spot them. And one of the boys is a former intern, not one of my kids, exactly.

arlo_ellen_woody300.jpg cowboyposeat300wide.jpg
C3P0at300wide.jpg R2D2costume.jpg
ArloVonDracula300.jpg baseball.jpg
charlie.jpg capnjacksparrow300wide.jpg


eltonarlojohn300wide.jpg elvis350wide.jpg
matt_taking_a_bath300wide.jpg harry2web300wide.jpg
robinhoodfireplace300wide.jpg paintedmadscience300wide.jpg
kindyhallowmusketeer.jpg KindyKenzie300widex214.jpg
smallharry.jpg spyhiding300wide337.jpg

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