Last month I posted about SoundCloud‘s slick music sharing site, really the best I’ve seen. David Noël from SoundCloud posted in the comments about one of their hacks from London Hack Day called I’ve been tuning into the site a lot for a bit of the unexpected and to gain exposure to artists I may not have discovered on my own. The site pulls tracks and sets uploaded to SoundCloud in real time according to location. The homepage (The Board) looks like the screenshot above and represents the most active cities. Click on a city and hear a stream of the latest music uploaded from that location. Alternately, the popular chart represents the 32 most popular cities according to tweets put out about those cities. If you make music, you can sign up on SoundCloud for free, upload tracks, and see them appear on right away. There are also individual city pages, like this one for Chicago, which list stats and most popular genres coming out of that city. Getting bored with your music collection? Check it out.