The Microbe Motel is the grossest, smelliest, nastiest science kit we’ve ever offered. Ever! Other than some common household items, the Microbe Motel includes everything you need to grow colorful, stinky, colonies of household germs, bacteria, molds, and maybe even a fungus or two. Don’t worry, you can kill them when you’re finished.

Here are just a few of the experiments and projects you can do with the MAKE Microbe Motel Kit.

  • Are dogs’ mouths really cleaner than human mouths? Culture bacteria from your mouth and your dog’s mouth to find out.
  • Is the average toilet bowl really cleaner than the average kitchen sink? Find out by swabbing both and culturing the bacteria.
  • Find the grungiest areas in your home by swabbing and culturing your computer keyboard, television remote, telephone, etc.
  • Is money really as filthy as your grandmother told you? Find out.


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