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Follow up: Chandra Rathakrishnan (Fusion Garage, maker of the CrunchPad, er, was/is) did that video call today. There is new information, but it seems the proclamation of the tablet being “open source” from the start, isn’t being addressed at all… Here’s a run down from Engadget.

JooJoo will be $499, available at thejoojoo.com on December 11. Talking pricing and availability: “There are dreams, and then there are hallucinations.” Saying Arrington’s dream of a $200 device was unrealistic. Comparing it to iPhone 3GS with a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen at $299 on contract, netbooks at $399 with no touchscreen.

If and when it’s released on 12/11, we’ll finally see if it’s “open source.” If it’s not, this would be example of using the term “open source” to gain good will and marketing for a product. Our emails and comments posted to TechCrunch have so far been ignored.