DIY micro projector

Jim K writes in to share this fun-looking project, a DIY handheld projector. Similar to the larger homebrew video projectors we have covered in the past, this one uses the screen from a portable TV screen to make a handheld micro projector. It probably won’t nearly as bright or sharp as a commercial one, but it looks like a ton of fun to make, and I can think of all sorts of awesome things to do with a handheld projector that could be stashed in a backpack…


10 thoughts on “DIY micro projector

  1. Before anyone complains about the image quality the device produces, please allow me to say that I own that model of Casio TV, and I do believe Jim K’s results look about 10x as good as the stock display’s!

  2. I tried to make one of these. Finding a good, even light source is very difficult. Using a flashlight like that is terrible, it gives very poor results.

  3. I had a Sony Watchman back in the 80s. I was playing with a big ‘ol 4″ lens unit from some sort of projector. When I positioned it in front of the watchman in a dark room, the image projected on the wall. So I made a stand for it on my nightstand with the Watchman facing upward and the lens above it perfectly distanced to have a crisp large image on the ceiling in a dark room before bed. Sure beat trying to watch a TV on a dresser.

  4. The fourth image is from the BBC comedy series Yes, Prime Minister and is of the Honorable James Hacker played by the brilliant Paul Eddington.

    Gotta love a good image pun…

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