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The Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel recently demonstrated at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change is a clever device that can store energy every time you apply the brakes and then reapply it in the form of motor assist as you ascend a hill on your bicycle. Developed by MIT researchers, the Copenhagen Wheel also acquires speed, distance, and direction data from an array of sensors inside the device and transmits it via Bluetooth to the cyclists mobile. [via geekygadgets]

Over the past few years we have seen a kind of biking renaissance, which started in Copenhagen and has spread from Paris to Barcelona to Montreal,” says Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT SENSEable City Laboratory and the Copenhagen Wheel project. “It’s sort of like ‘Biking 2.0′ — whereby cheap electronics allow us to augment bikes and convert them into a more flexible, on-demand system.


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