We were recently discussing the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs on an internal Maker Media email. We all admire Mike Rowe’s dedication to rolling up his sleeves and getting down to work and the happiness that can be found in working with you hands, even if the process is filthy. I’ve been a Dirty Jobs fan for a while, and an article in Fast Company about Mike Rowe back in February 2008 really solidified my admiration for the man. He also gave an insightful TED Talk back in March of 2009 that is well worth watching. I’ve watched Mike make marbles, deliver a calf, and grease the parts of the crawler that delivers the space shuttle to the launch pad. It’s great, great fun. If you haven’t watched Dirty Jobs before, today is a great day to jump in on the fun. Discovery is airing a day-long marathon of the show right now. Enjoy!