Crafty Mishmash introduces us to her vintage steckpyramide which are part of the German traditional Christmas decorations consisting of hand-carved wooden figures in a pyramid. When the candles heat up, the circular platforms start to spin!

6 thoughts on “Hand-carved Stekpyramide

  1. thanks so much for featuring my steckpyramide post, Natalie! i love everything y’all do at Craft – I’m a huge fan & devoted reader of the Daily Digest, so this is super-exciting for me! : )

  2. my family had an absolutely beautiful and very ornate one of these when I was growing up. I loved setting it up every year but I really wish I knew where it was now!

  3. I’ve always loved these. They make a lovely addition to any Christmas celebration. I have never realized what they were called; my New Year’s goal (one of them) is to be able to say “Stekpyramide” correctly. Do you think I can manage it?

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