Audible EMF detector in steampunk style


JingleJoe’s electromagnetic field detector looks quite awesome –

This device uses a circuit that I constructed myself to detect electromagnetic fields. All flowing electricity gives off an electromagnetic field, with this device you can hear them all! They can be musical and harsh, the variety of electromagnetic sounds you can detect is limited only by the number of electronic doohickeys you own! As an added bonus it also detects ghosts.

The device has three outputs for displaying the electromagnetic fields to your human senses: a speaker, a stereo quarter-inch jack socket and an analog meter.

More info over at the Hacked Gadgets forums.

12 thoughts on “Audible EMF detector in steampunk style

    1. I just found a fatal flaw I looked at the close-up pics on Hacked Gadgets. The meter clearly says, above the “WESTON” brand name, “CALIBRATED FOR USE ON STEEL PANEL” but that’s clearly a wood panel. Don’t trust the calibration on this thing!

      1. I’ve done repairs on the meter and modified the meter so much that any previous calibration is rendered moot. You can recalibrate it with the screw on the front-center of the meter and even “re calibrate” the sensitivity with one of the dials so calibration, not something to worry about. ;)

    1. It’s just steampunk :P don’t try to get too definate with the definition of it’s style, it’s just steampunk. Occam’s razor old chap ;)

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