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CRAFT: Make Space for Crafting

During our Craft Spaces interviews, we posed a couple of questions relating to crafting on the go to our spotlighted crafters. One of the questions we asked was:

When you have to craft on-the-go (while you’re traveling, in the carpool lane, at family activities) how do you organize your craft supplies?

Find out the answers from the crafters we’ve profiled below. You can visit their Craft Spaces Q&A by clicking on their name. (Pictured above is Betz White‘s fabric and felted sweater stash.)
Kristin Roach: I always carry a book bag with me and in that bag I always have three things: A knitting project in a project bag and a sketch book in the larger compartment, pencils, scissors, spare needles, and a sewing kit (and/or an embroidery project) in the smaller flap. That way I can grab what I want whenever I get the chance to knit a stitch or draw a sketch. I have embroidered while waiting in the checkout at the grocery store, knit through class, crocheted in city council meetings, and drawn just about anywhere with anything.
Diane Gilleland: You know, I’ve had it on my crafty to-do list forever to make myself a few nice craft-on-the-go kits, but I’ve never managed to get them done. Instead, I rely on a very un-picturesque ziploc bag.
Betz White: Knitting is my portable craft. I keep my current project in a tote bag along with my needle roll, a zippered accessory pouch, and a small knitting handbook for when I can’t remember the kitchener stitch!
Ellen Luckett Baker: One year we took the kids to the beach and somehow forgot to bring paper or craft supplies. We had to make a trip to the store the next day because paper was such an essential part of my older daughter’s world at that time. Now I always pack notebooks and a pencil pouch wherever we go. My daughters use a magnetic drawing board in bed at night and when traveling in the car. This has been the most used toy in our house for storytelling, games, and of course drawing.
Susan Beal: If I’m going on a trip, I put all the jewelry bits and pieces I need like beads and charms into a plastic box, and I store bigger pieces like pliers and spools of wire in a cigar box. Usually that plus a craft book fit nicely in a tote bag. My favorite on-the-go craft is embroidery, though – I keep all the stuff I need in a vintage sewing box that I can just grab and take along with me.
Paul Overton: I choose my portable crafts carefully. Usually, I’ll just take knitting on the road, in which case, I have a roll up for my needles and a project bag for everything else. If I’m going to do any sewing, I stash everything I need in a two level Tiffin tin. If I really need to take anything larger on the road, I have a great vintage suitcase that’s not too big.
Cathy Callahan: I use those big canvas tote bags.
More Crafting on the Go to come next week!