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DIY kitchen computer

Enjoy cooking recipes from the web, but don’t want to waste valuable counter space on a monitor and keyboard? Well, then you might be interested in The iPhone Inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project by Ryan of JUDD Studio Engineering. To complete the project, he mounted a touch-screen monitor into the wall, hid a computer in a cupboard, and developed a touchscreen GUI to make it easy to interact with. In addition to showing recipes, the system can also check the weather, manage grocery lists with a barcode scanner, run kitchen timers, and, when not in use, acts as a digital photo frame. [via hacked gadgets]


12 thoughts on “DIY kitchen computer

  1. This is a sweet project!

    I bet you could even get away with building this for much cheaper now that HP has some cheap touchscreens out there.

    anyone interested for 1k? I’ll build : )

  2. I am not a big fan of most voice recognition systems (used to work with IVRs and they were a pain for those) but this would be a great application for some kind of voice rec interface. You know for when you’ve got both hands up the back end of a turkey and you suddenly want to know what temperature you need to pre-heat the oven to!

  3. Then you can access all the same data from other locations, not just the kitchen. And if you pop upstairs or into another room, you can check on the other panels to see how long until the dinner’s ready! (I do this already with Minerva, but with voice recognition only in the den, since I can’t control the ambient and spurious noise from elsewhere.)

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