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Flat-pack cubicle

I have no idea what need there is for a folding workstation, especially one that looks profoundly uncomfortable. Still, it’s a fun idea that might spawn an idea or two.

Design firm Kapteinbolt explains:

We like to introduce FLKS (flex), a flexible workplace. Just open the panels unfold the table and the chair and put the plug in for light. The legs from the table and the chair are provided with special designed joints, pull and turn 90°.

The dimensions of the panels are a combination of sizes according to the Modulor of Le Corbusier in combination with the functional human sizes of today. This design is characterized by simplicity, clarity, freedom and space. Freedom in using and in arranging this workplace.

The dialogue between the space and furniture, but also the spaciousness of the furniture itself is an important fact. By bringing furniture back to the essence you can create space. The FLKS provides a definition of space. By giving cover to the back and to one of the sides, the FLKS creates a private and comfortable workplace.

[via dezeen]

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