CRAFT: Make Space for Crafting

By Jessica Wilson
Here’s a fun and easy project that is multipurpose. Use it to display your favorite fabrics and to keep track of your notes, photos and other bits of inspiration. I got my cork trivets from Ikea but you can find them online and in various retail shops. For smaller fabric scraps and/or space, substitute the trivets for coasters.


3 or more cork trivets
At least one fat quarter of fabric
or various scraps
1 sheet of scrap paper
Fusible webbing
like Heat N Bond
Nails or pins to attach to wall


Corkboard Mosaic Step1
Step 1: Gather your materials and iron out your fabric pieces. One fat quarter will cover 4 cork trivets. I used an assortment of different prints that I adore. Leave your iron on.
Corkboard Mosaic Step2A
Step 2: Gather a piece of fusible webbing and lay the trivet on top. Trim the webbing down so that the trivet fits snugly on top. Keeping it in a square shape will make it easier to trim once it has been ironed onto the trivet.
Corkboard Mosaic Step2B
Place scrap paper on your ironing board with the trivet on top and the fusible webbing (paper side up) on top of the trivet.
Corkboard Mosaic Step3A
Step 3: Iron over the back of the webbing thoroughly so that it sticks to the trivet. Repeat for each one. When cool, trim around the trivet so that there is no overlaying paper left.
Corkboard Mosaic Step4B
Step 4: Peel the backing papers off of the trivets. Cut your fabric pieces down in the same manner as the webbing.
Corkboard Mosaic Step5A
Step 5: Place the trivet on the ironing board webbing side up, and place the fabric on top of the trivet, right side up. Iron the fabric to the trivet. You may want to use a piece of paper between the iron and the fabric. Sometimes the stickiness of the webbing seeps through and then your iron gets all gunked up. Repeat for each trivet and allow to cool.
Corkboard Mosaic Step6A
Step 6: Trim the fabric around the trivets using a pair of scissors. It should be really easy to do so in a clean cut. Repeat until you are finished.
Corkboard Mosaic Step7A
Step 7: Play with the arrangement until you have a happy mosaic. The more trivets or coasters you use, the more prints you can play with. Tack it onto your wall space using small nails, add your inspiration, stand back, and admire! When you think you are ready for a change, just peel off the fabric and start all over again! You can also use spray adhesive for this, though it can get messy.
About the Author:
Author Jessicawilson
Jessica Wilson is most happily known as ‘jek in the box’ and spends most of her time crafting it up and taking pictures. She can often be found standing on benches over on Flickr and creating all sorts of kiddie crafts on her blog scrumdilly-do! She lives a life of scrumdillydilly and loves to share.