Cabin fever is kicking in, so we figured no time like the present to lay-in some awesome, indoor-friendly projects. To get you in the mood to make, we have new kits, fresh re-supply of our most popular kits, and a juicy sale on everything from necklaces to chemistry sets; finger puppets to Erector sets. Yes, even Arduinos are over 20% off!

Warning: Deals may be tempting enough to keep you indoors even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

In other news: 5-5-500 Program Update

Remember our 5-5-500 program for schools? When you spent a total of $500 on holiday purchases at Maker Shed, we promised to send 5 copies of each of 5 issues of MAKE – a $375 value – to a school of your choice. So far, we’ve sent copies to schools in 24 states and 2 countries. Thanks for making it possible!