Dallas makers organizing a hackerspace


Members of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group are looking to organize a communal workshop.

The DPRG had access to a warehouse in Garland for seven years, from 2002 through 2009 thanks to Mike Dodson, who allowed us to use one of his warehouse buildings and patiently put up with all our geeky shenanigans for almost a decade. In 2009, Mike retired and the building we were in changed hands, so we lost our long time home. After looking at several options for finding a new and permanent space for robot building, we settled on the idea of creating a hackerspace (aka a shared, community workshop). This idea has been used by groups in the US and other parts of the world with great success so it seemed likely we should be able to do it to.

They’ve set up a Google group — if you’re in the neighborhood and interested in helping out, that’s your destination.


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