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Backwards tower PC case
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Although this is an old page, it’s still a clever idea, and a relatively rare example of a purely practical case mod. Mike Harrison was tired of having to crawl around behind his computer to mess with all the connections, so he turned the case around by mounting all the lights, switches, and drives in what was the back of the case, and using it with that side forward.

6 thoughts on “Backwards tower PC case

  1. I did the same with an old ‘386 (at the time a Pentium was leading edge) for a PC I used on my bench for microcontroller development. I was constantly changing serial and parallel cables for different PIC and other small microcontroller programmers. I also brought the 5V and 12V power to a set of terminal strips on the back/front.

    I labeled it “Millennium Falcon”. That PC was worth its weight in gold. It was a great workhorse.

    Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  2. At my work, I rarely have to access the “front” side of my PCs, and many are application or database servers that are always on (not green, I know). I keep these computers with their rear ends facing out.

    Always comes in handy.

  3. Someone should be making a case with all ports to the front and fans to the back. Stackable would be even better.

    I’m sorry to say I never thought of that. My efforts have been at getting access to the back of my desk (doh!).

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