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Fiction science:  Aliens, Predator, and Mega Shark infographics

These fantastic infographics are from designer Stephen Taubman. In the first, he illustrates how all three factions would fare in the forthcoming ultimate three-way cage match for evolutionary dominance between aliens, predators, and human beings. Especially helpful is his advice, under “If you meet a Predator,” not to attempt to engage it with a flying side-kick. This was the mistake that I made.

The second graphic explains the physics behind what Boing-Boinger Jimmy Guterman has described as “the greatest scene ever in the greatest movie of all time,” viz. the destruction of a cruising jetliner by the eponymous “Mega Shark” from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. You may be interested to know, for instance, that Mega Shark’s air attack requires breaking the surface of the water with a velocity of 710 km/hr, which is faster than a bullet train but not quite so fast as a Tomahawk missile.


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