Gary Mauler and the folks who put on the RobotFest in southern Maryland each year are expanding their enterprise to include a Mid-Atlantic 2010 Mini Maker Faire! Gary writes:

I work with Maryland College Institute of Art each year to produce the artwork for T-shirts and advertising for RobotFest (and this year’s Mini Maker Faire). This year, the challenge was given to about 60 Advertising and Design students for one of their graded semester projects. All the designs that were shown to us were fantastic, so it made our job of picking one design very hard.

I am going to print up a bunch of the Paper Robot posters on index stock to hand out for kids to build at RobotFest.

RobotFest/Mid-Atlantic 2010 Mini Maker Faire will be held on Saturday, April 24th, at the National Electronics Museum, Linthicum, MD. More information here.