We are thrilled to announce that MAKE has been nominated for the 21st Annual Independent Press Awards, put on by Utne Reader. We were nominated in the Science/Technology category. The other nominees are California (the magazine, not the state), IEEE Spectrum, Johns Hopkins Public Health, Miller-McCune, Science News, Stanford, and Technology Review.

Sayeth the press release:

Utne Reader’s editors select nominee publications through an extensive reading process and careful, yearlong examination, rather than via a competition with entry forms and fees. In this way, the magazine honors the efforts of small, sometimes unnoticed publications that provide innovative, thought-provoking perspectives often ignored or overlooked by mass media.

Congrats to everybody who works so tirelessly and passionately to create MAKE, Make: Online, and everything else we do. Your work does get noticed!

Utne Reader Names 21st Annual Independent Press Awards Nominees
This year’s contenders demonstrate excellent storytelling in alternative media