Weekend Project: 2-Mile Camera Remote

Walkie-talkie actuator lets everyone pose without rushing for a timer. Thanks go to Tom Rodgers for the original article in MAKE, Volume 15

To download The 2-Mile Camera Remote video click here and subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete 2-Mile Camera Remote article in MAKE Volume 15 and you can see that in our Digital Edition.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Project: 2-Mile Camera Remote

  1. I wonder why this application needed an “8 second” delay? Since the photographer is in the picture he could simply say cheese and trigger the shutter button. Even is it is a group photo this works as he is part of the group.

    I ask because getting everyone happy at the same time after a delay has never worked for me. Always someone blinks or talks or has a grimace or something. Simple “say cheese” and snap has a much higher success rate.

    No matter the method, always make in camera dupes or triples.

  2. This idea is perfect for aerial photos from this old kite that my grandfather owns. Its a kite that looks like a bunch of pyramids stacked on-top of each other. One time we flew this thing we had a government official pay us a visit, claiming we were coming up on military radar.

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