CRAFT: Bloom
I am so sad to see the last blooming grape hyacinth in my garden. I have always loved the perfect hues and delicate structures of Muscari, and these tiny flowers also boast a soft perfume that is fruity and light. They are so easy to grow, just plant them in the fall and they will come up diligently every year. In fact, they are the first flowers that bloom in my yard. They are a sturdy forced bulb, and also make a great cut flower. I love to bring them in to boost my mood in late winter. If you have still some growing in your yard, I hope you will post photos in the Craft Flickr Pool!

4 thoughts on “The Last Grape Hyacinth in my Garden

  1. I just love the perfect saturated blue too. It’s sad to see them go, but as they say as probably wouldn’t appreciate them as much if we had them all the time.

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