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Making books with robots at Harvard Bookstore

Popping into Harvard Bookstore proves to be a delightful treat. Being greeted by the old bookstore smell as you enter the door is intoxicating enough, but imagine my surprise finding one of the owners in the back making books on their new Espresso Book Machine 2.0 from On Demand Books, LLC.


Harvard Bookstore Co-owner Linda Seamonson was gracious enough to walk through the automated process, which starts with either a press-ready PDF (if you’re self-publishing) or by selecting from literally millions of public domain titles available through the ODB catalog, including books found on the Google Books website.


Dubbed “Paige M. Gutenborg“, the Harvard Bookstore’s EBM 2.0 is capable of producing a library-quality perfect bound paperback book in four minutes. Below is a video of the process from the On Demand Books website:



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