DIY standoffs from nylon tubing

Nylontubingstandoffs Cc

Curious Inventor posted this helpful tip for making your own standoffs on the cheap using 1/4″ nylon tubing. PCB standoff prices almost always make me grumble a bit – I’ll have to give this one a try sometime.

8 thoughts on “DIY standoffs from nylon tubing

  1. Nice. In a pinch I’ve also drilled through glue sticks to use as standoffs…but that’s a hack that should only be used in the most desperate of situations. ;)

  2. You can take apart many cheap plastic ink pens to find a harder plastic tube that can easily be cut. I’d recommend using a hotknife to cut it for accuracy.

  3. I worked for Lace Music over the summer and we used surgical tubing to be the standoffs for the pickups in their loaded pick guards. in that application it seemed to work really well because it was almost like a shock mount for the pickups as well.

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