This candy machine, the creation of Michael Nilsson and Marcus Olsson, is part of ThoughtMade, an Ignite-like gathering in Malmö, Sweden. The machine is equipped with a Beagle Board running Linux and dispenses candy whenever someone tweets “#ThoughtMade is sweet!” [Thanks, Chris]

8 thoughts on “Twitter-connected candy machine

  1. I can still remember the days when Coke machines were connected to finger clients (and yes I’ve been practicing my shouts of, “Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!” while waving a cane).

  2. Hi there,
    met you guys at FooCamp 2008 and still owe you a Mac tattoo :) Would be cool if someone from MAKE is around Malmö/Copenhagen on Friday and could come to Thoughtmade? Otherwise, we might collect soem cool stuff for MAKE?

    Take care

    /peter at thoughtmade dot com

  3. This is great. What exactly is the search string? It would be nice to be more inventive with my tweets.

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