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A couple weeks ago, I started drawing each meal I eat before I eat it. It’s really enjoyable to flip through the days, seeing what fueled me each day.
I was telling my friend about this practice, and she asked if I had ever visited the site Recipe Look. I hadn’t … but I’m so glad she pointed me to it! It is a blog that posts illustrated recipes. Anyone can send one in! They are chaming, and I love the various ways people choose to depict food concoctions. Some rock a comic book style, others go for a more detailed rendering of each ingredient. Many of the recipes employ the copious use of arrows. I mentioned in my Mother’s Day gifts post that I love all styles of drawing, so this site really tickles my fancy. I can’t wait to see what gets posted next!
Do you know any cool illustrated recipe / meal blogs? I’m curious what else is out there.
[Thanks, Marcia!]


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