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On my way to Maker Faire!

Can’t afford a plane ticket this year, so I’m having to leave way early. Gonna stop at a gas station every mile, along the way, and buy fresh C-cells. See ya in five days!

Seriously, I have no idea who this guy is, nor anything about him. Except that he is awesome. And I found his picture here. [Thanks, Billy Baque!]

4 thoughts on “On my way to Maker Faire!

  1. I find the thought, and action of such a feat to be very Admirable, and I would send a batch of C’s for at least one mile of the journey. Perhaps He should get a car battery though.. and run an Umbilical.


  2. I love the idea of the journey to the Maker Faire being just as important as being there! Very best of luck to this guy!

    Back in March my friends and I walked to the UK Maker Faire as directed by Google maps – a five day adventure taking us via Holland! ;)


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