Go to Maker Faire for free!

Kim Pedersen, of monorails.org, wrote in to share how he was able to see the Faire this year… for free! Pretty cool, but I think it will be kind of hard to do a soldering workshop from that altitude:

I was lucky enough to be in MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire #1 with my Niles Monorail. Thank you again. My buddy James Horecka is showing his Dragon Flight roller coaster this year.

This year I didn’t pay to get in, but I did go! Huh? I happen to be a pilot and thought it’d be fun to take some aerials of the fair. I shot them this morning, my plane is based in Hayward. I didn’t mess with the zoom (too busy flying and communicating), but they are pretty good resolution. I’ve attached a cropped/sized down example.

Continued success to you!