If you’re confused about what the difference between a linear and switched mode power supply is, then Dave has you covered in the latest installment of his EEVblog, Linear and LDO regulators and Switch Mode Power Supply Tutorial. He gets a bit technical at times (try to keep up with all the engineering jargon!), but gives a good overview of the similarities and differences between them without getting too detailed.

16 thoughts on “How switch-mode power supplies work

  1. Love this guys tutorials, but am I the only one who finds his seemingly over-enthusiastic tone patronizing? Sounds like he thinks he’s talking to 5 year olds. :

    1. I can see what you mean but I think that’s just purely honest enthusiasm. Dave can get just as as excited as a little kid when talking about switch-mode supplies – and that is a very awesome super-power ;)

      1. Yeah, what Collin says :-). I haven’t spoken to Dave personally, but he comes off as being genuinely passionate about these topics. Especially since he can go on about them for such great lengths!

    2. Sorry if you find my tutorials patronising, that’s certainly not the intention.
      Yes, I have a high level of natural enthusiasm, so a lot of stuff naturally flows out from that that it seems some people don’t like.
      But hey, you can never please everyone even some of the time, so I don’t try, I just do what I do.
      Publish and be damned!


      1. We love you, Dave! Thanks for taking your time to create such awesome tutorials. I aspire to be as accomplished an engineer as you!

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