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I’ve mentioned my friends Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable here before, and gushed adoringly about their work. Recently, Scott’s ruminations about the ideal characteristics of the venerable sawhorse, along with a photo of some beautiful “indoor sawhorses” he’s made, seemed like good fodder for another mention.
Scott writes:

During the rainy season, projects would occasionally migrate indoors, so I made sawhorses as though they were furniture (pictured above). The prolonged lack of a dedicated bench opened up my thinking to the kinds of projects I would consider taking on, and I learned how limitations can be liberating.

Scott’s been making amazing furniture and art projects for years, so I trust him wholeheartedly when he suggests that the most important characteristic of a sawhorse is that it be owner-made. A good first furniture project, indeed.


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