Jeri experiments with Dupont Luxprint Electroluminescent inks and converts an old LCD into a simple EL display. She also demonstrates that super glue can be used as the dielectric and that zinc sulfide glow powder does not work well as an EL phosphor.


6 thoughts on “Jeri Ellsworth turns an LCD into an EL display

  1. The world need more girls like Jeri! Growing up with a dad in the medical field I too appreciate the use of hemostats as handy electronics clamps.

    Are there more details about extracting the zinc sulfide from the paint? I’ve always wanted to make a nice spinthariscope.

  2. Suggestion? This is a great video, but it could be much better with a very minor change. Interesting stories always involve interesting people. This video would be immensely more captivating if it showed both halves of this story. Following this logic, I implore you to start spending more time in FRONT of the camera, rather than behind it!

    This is probably not the kind of “comment or suggestion” that was expected, but it had to be said! As Simon stated,
    “the world needs more girls like Jeri.” But alas, there is only one! So stop being so stingy! :)

  3. Beth on comes to mind, I’m sure there are others.

    I once applied to a job at an electronics manufacturing company, and 90% of the production line staff were female.

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