MakerBeam begins to release specs

MakerBeam, the open-source building set that got its start thanks to 132 Kickstarter patrons donating almost $18K, has released its first schematic. The above design, available as a PDF on Scribd, shares the most critical part of the MakerBeam design: a cross section of its Mini-T beams: with this PDF you could theoretically extrude your own. I’m looking forward to the fruits of MakerBeam’s continued openness.


8 thoughts on “MakerBeam begins to release specs

    1. I noticed that EVERY time I comment on the MakerBeam stuff, pointing out the similarity to 80/20 extrusions, it gets completely ignored. No biggie, but it might be something for you guys to think about.

      1. Rdarlinton

        I looked up the 80/20 and you are correct the shape is ver similar but I also noticed that the 80/20 extrusions (at least the ones I looked up) were larger than these with the whole thing being about 3/8″ square. Which is probably the idea, these makerbeams look like that planned for smaller uses than the larger 80/20 (the smallest I saw 1.5″ square)

  1. And Microrax as well. What sets MakerBeam apart is that it is/will be open source.

    So, where does the censorship play in?

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