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Photography © John Polak Photography, from Around the Corner Crochet Borders © by Edie Eckman, with permission from Storey Publishing
Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman is a wonderful crochet resource with 150 crochet edges and trims to help spruce up any craft project. The book starts off by showing you the various techniques on how to work a crochet border into your existing knitting and crochet, but it doesn’t stop there! What blew me away were the ways in which Eckman illustrates how to embroider and then crochet these borders onto fabric and felt! Just think about the many ways you can embellish things you already have around your house or closet. Transform an ordinary tank top into something more colorful with a delicate crochet trim or how about cute striped edge for a boring kitchen curtain? I like how this book has opened up my creativity to crochet borders, beyond just blankets.
The bulk of the book contains page after page of inspiring crochet borders. I love the clean layout and how each photo of the border is large enough so that you can actually see the details in the stitches. Each crochet border comes with full text pattern as well as illustrated chart so that you are extra clear on how to crochet, including 90-degree corner turns. This book is for anyone who wants to take their fiber and crafting projects to the next level. It’s a great addition to your crafty library!
Book Giveaway Time!
Three lucky CRAFT reades will win a copy of Around the Corner Crochet Borders. Just tell us why you would like this book in the comments. All comments will be closed by Noon PST on Monday, July 12, 2010. The lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced later on the site. Good luck!
This giveaway is now closed!
Congratulations to Molly of Pasco, WA, Blaize of Santa Cruz, CA and Miriam of Gentofte, Denmark for each winning a copy of the book!
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Photography © John Polak Photography, from Around the Corner Crochet Borders © by Edie Eckman, with permission from Storey Publishing

398 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: Around the Corner Crochet Borders

  1. Dude, nothing like a cute crocheted border to fancy up an old sweater! Plus I totally want to put that flower edging on something for my little girl :)

  2. I would love to learn some new crochet techniques and maybe finally give my blanket a nice new border. Just wanted to say – thank you for this opportunity!

  3. And just look at that cover. Love it, I know I’m going to have to own this, one way or another!

  4. My great-grandmother taught me basic crochet when I was young. She was a Crochet Master and used to make these fabulously retro (even for the 80’s) hats for us. I’ve just taken up crochet again and those borders are a total blast from the past. I would love to learn them so I can recreate those hats for my daughter too!

  5. If I could teach myself some more crochet borders and patterns then I could really finish off the projects that I thought I had already finished…and then crochet borders around everything else too! Look, I’m inspired by just the front cover!

  6. I often use a simple crochet chain border on my projects because that’s all I know–I need to learn some new tricks!

  7. I’m so excited! I have the Beyond the Square book, and it is just amazing. I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection :D

  8. or imagined! Wow, just looking at the cover I think I need to put borders on everything now!!!

  9. My mom is going to flip out at these designs. She does beautiful crochet work on afghans and this is a great opportunity for her to try something new!
    Keep up the innovative work…

  10. i would like to add some borders to my blanket and dishcloth projects. the flower borders look so cute.

  11. I would LOVE to have this book in my collection. So inspiring and such wonderful borders. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. This book gives endless posibilities to embellish and decorate nearly anything. Love the colours on the cover!

  13. I want to use crocheting to childproof a few things. It might sound like an odd thing to do, but I have quite a few hard edges around the house in need of a softer feel.
    Apart from that, I want to learn crocheting so that I can attach yarn borders to some of my wooden laser cuts. That might be interesting, and a great way to infuse some colour.

  14. anything you add crochet edging becomes so gorgeous, and it can be so simple and quick. I’m planning on table maps and napkins, baby blankets, and, as a matter of fact, anything in the world would love to have such edging.

  15. I would love to have this book so that I could add crocheted edgings to my knit shawls.

  16. I love to crochet and I’ve had my eye on this book! Fall is just around the corner and I love to make blankets and this book would be perfect because it’s filled with endless options of borders!!!

  17. I’ve been wanting this book for a very long time. :o Its on my wishlist for sure! I’m in Canada, don’t know if I qualify.
    I want to mostly support myself on small projects like blankets and toy crafts of all sorts, mostly crochet, so I would love to own this book. :o It would be great for many things besides blankets, like pot holders and the edges of crochet shirts and dresses and on dolls and bears.
    Eee now I really want this book! :D

  18. I love adding different textures and techniques to my work, and crochet borders would really add another string to my bow, and another texture to my creations!
    However, what has really inspired me is the front cover, I love how all those borders look layered up, and think that would make a fabulous fabric, for a scarf, or cushion cover etc.

  19. I follow a technique I’ve made myself. Stab the hook through the wool and hope for the best. If all goes wrong, get mother to fix it. I would really like to be able to follow some proper instructions and not have to rely on my mother!!

  20. There are so many endless possibilities to use edgings. I use them to make chokers, curtain tie backs, around receiving blankets etc. Great way to use up all my scraps as well and I have tons and tons of scraps…LOL

  21. I just learned to crochet, and being a lefty made it somewhat a challenge. Now I can’t get enough of learning new stitches. My fingertips are raw from my new obsession. I would devour this book.

  22. this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I am just learning to crochet and am dying to try all these ideas out!!!!

  23. I’ve been a knitter forever and always loved crocheted borders. This would be a great way to add some great-looking edges! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  24. She makes amazing edged handkerchiefs and has been wanting to spruce up her sweatshirts with crochet as well.

  25. I’m currently addicted to making crochet border pillowcases and this book looks like it will provide tons of inspiration. Fingers crossed!!

  26. I’ve been oohing and ahhhing over the skirts at anthropologie with their cute crochet edging. With this book I could do it myself!

  27. Who wouldn’t want a book that teaches crochet edgings?! I had to have a friend do a simple edging on my sweater because I just couldn’t figure it out, so this would be a great primer for me!

  28. That book looks awesome! I’ve been looking for new ideas for borders for the blankets that I crochet.

  29. That flower boarder is so cool. This book would really help me get out of my boarder rut! some even look like they could be used for edgings on napkins, hankies, etc.

  30. I crochet baby blankets all the time and am constatly looking for new edges. These borders would really add something new to them!

  31. I love, love, love the cover of the book and want to learn everything. I definately see some projects coming from the ideas presented. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  32. I just started crocheting and am diving in head first. I’m interested in any and all crochet techniques, and would love to have this book to learn beautiful and intricate border for crocheted, knitted, and sewn pieces. I’m getting married in near a year and want to border hankies or hand towels for each of my bridal party as a special personalized gift. This book would help to push each one a little further!

  33. So glad everybody likes the book! I had a lot of fun writing it. I’d love to see what creative and inspired projects everyone does with their borders. Please share your projects with me when they are done–you can find me through my website http://www.edieeckman.com.

  34. Wow, Now I want to crochet borders on all my knitting projects! I would love this book to learn how…I’m a quick learner so I’m starting some projects to use it on when I win it. If I don’t win it…I’m lookin for it in the stores!

  35. Borders add a zing to clothes, curtains, pillowcases, and many other things I can think of.

  36. I am new to the crochet world and think those look like fun! Great edging for many crafts!!

  37. There are too many reasons why I’d want to win this book! :) The biggest one: I have recently fallen back in love with crocheting. This book would be an excellent addition to my fast-growing crochet library.

  38. I’m just barely learning to crochet; mostly I’m a knitter and spinner – but crocheted edgings seem like a great place for me to get started!

  39. The cover photo is so beautiful and my tactile fingertips want to touch all those squares! I’m a crocheter but always finish edges with sc or dc. I didn’t think that was boring…until now!

  40. I would finish the edges of sweaters/cardigans, placemats/napkins, dresses – I could go on and on!

  41. There is a baby boom happening around me! I would love to add some trims to onesies and infant t-shirts as gifts.

  42. I am usually working on a prayer shawl and am always looking for a new and different way to finish them off. This book looks ideal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. i was perusing this book at the bookstore and wanted to add it to my library yet know that during times of unemployment, food and rent should come before buying craft books. i think that is truly unfair and i would just *love* to win a copy of this so i can finish some knitting projects that need sweet borders.

  44. I love flicking through stitch patterns etc, and having specific instructions for how to tackle those corners is really useful! This would be a great book to add to my inspiration collection.

  45. An edging can be a final touch that transforms an ordinary project into something really special — or the inspiration for the start of a project. The corners give a lot of additional flexibility.
    I’ve been making t-shirt dresses for the granddaughters, and these borders could really perk them up.

  46. my grandmother’s would both crochet like mad
    and we all knew at christmas we would get some beautiful
    pillowcases with fun crochet edgings
    sadly, none of us learned that part of the crochet process that they did before they both passed. i would love this book to learn what they already knew!

  47. I just started experimenting with redesigning my skirts and other clothes and making my own trim sounds like so much fun!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  48. I’ve really been wanting to learn crochet edgings to spruce up my projects, I will have to check this out!

  49. How cute would it be to dress up my little girls clothes or even mine?! Adorable!!

  50. Edie Eckman’s “Beyond The Square” book is AWESOME. And so colorful. Her inspired designs (and lovely photos) alone should launch a crocheting revolution. I would dance in circles for this book! I’m always modifying patterns and looking for just THE right border. I bet those borders in here!

  51. I love crochet! I have been making items to give away, and would love to add a special touch with these awesome borders!!! Must. Have. Book! : )

  52. I am always looking for crochet projects that can be completed quickly. These look lovely.

  53. I would love to have this book because I think I would add crochet borders to everything I own! I love how these look simple and classic.

  54. I have just started to gather supplies/ideas for Christmas presents & one is crocheted borders on pillow cases, this would give them even more variety.

  55. I was recently on 10 weeks of hospital bedrest while pregnant with my son. In those ten weeks i taught myself to crochet, thanks to online videos and some help from my mom when i got stuck.I now crochet almost every day while i sit in the nicu with my son making hats and and other things.. I would love to learn these borders to add flair to my different projects.Crocheting has kept me sane for the last few months..Just looking at the cover of this book makes me excited!!

  56. There are so many different gorgeous stitched things just on the cover. If that’s any indication what’s inside, this book has got to be awesome.

  57. Having just returned to crocheting after a long absence, I am looking for some ways to edge my blankets and other little items I am making. Thanks for the chance.

  58. I’d love to use a pattern from this book to finish off an afghan I have plans for as a housewarming present for a friend who has just moved in to a nice place after some though times.

  59. I have the Crochet Motifs book by the same author and love it!! I would love to have this book as well! I am always looking for new ways to spruce up my crocheting!

  60. I love all the yummy decorations with which you can “frost” your projects!
    So crochet-licious!

  61. I do a lot of crafting for Project Linus, and would love to have this book for blanket border ideas. Thanks for posting the review!

  62. I’m a beginner crocheter and my first crochet book is so dog-eared it’s not funny. I’ve worn it out! So I would love to have this one to create a collection and to learn new techniques. Practice makes perfect, I am quickly finding.

  63. I make so many boring blankets because I use the same old edging. I’d love to learn how to spice it up!!

  64. I love creating simple projects and then making them special with borders. This book would definitely help with that!

  65. My crochet projects often get left without a nice border because I can’t decide what to do. This would be an amazing help for that problem.

  66. I’m new to crochet and I’ve fallen hard for it. I’ve been knitting for 5 years and make mostly small things that are quite boring due to needing some hip bling like the awesomeness of the borders in this book. Thanks!!!

  67. I need to know the cool crochet borders that are out there! I’m new to the hook but have been playing with sharp sticks for 5 years. I would use my border knowlege to create cool skirts, sweaters etc for my daughters!

  68. As a beginning crocheter, its kind of sad how I pour so much time into my projects only to have them turn out plain-looking. I would love to learn how to spice up my work and learn some great new crochet!

  69. as if that beautiful cover weren’t enough, now i want to know how to make the adorable flower trim!

  70. Who wouldn’t want this book! Beautiful edges and endless possibilities… yes, please!!

  71. What a helpful book, just what I need. I’ve just finished up some baskets and boy, could they use a little pizzaz. The beauty is in the details.

  72. I started out as a knitter but when I learned to crochet, I never looked back. I really like making crochet necklaces, jewelry, and trims for clothing so this book would be great for me!

  73. I’m hoping to handmake all of my Christmas gifts this year, and some afghans and shawls are definitely in the mix. This book would help me give some really special gifts!

  74. I love the idea of revamping a sweater or scarf with all the misc. yarn that I have stashed from frogging old sweaters! And to see the color options (as opposed to the old b/w books I have) is sooooo inspirational!

  75. i make belly dance costumes and ponchos out of pieces I find at the thrift shops — some great new crochet borders would be perfect for both.

  76. I’m looking for inspiration for some new items to add to my etsy shop. This would be perfect!

  77. This book looks like so much fun! I’d love to have it for new ideas for edges on baby blankets.

  78. I *just* figured out how to crochet a few days ago so I could add edging to a hat I finished knitting. I’d love to have this book to expand my new crochet skills. I can see myself adding borders to *everything*.

  79. I’d like this book because it’s such a hard to get book at my country. Here they don’t have many proper books about crochet. I like crocheting and would love to know more about it.

  80. I would like to learn more embellishments to adorn hand-made afghans and blankets as gifts with this book.

  81. My crochet library is ridiculously small and now that I’m teaching classes I definitely need to expand my repertoire with new stitches and patterns!

  82. I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years. Maybe not an addict, but definitely a lover of all that is crochet. I own Edie’s “Beyond the Square – Crochet Motifs” book and it is truly an inspiration. To add “Around the Corner Crocheted Borders” to my collection would be orgasmic. I’m approaching retirement age and have “BIG” plans to crochet myself into oblivion for gifts, charities, and for my own pleasure, of course. :o) And to get something free that’s actually useful, well, how much better can life get?

  83. I have a crochet blanket I have been working on for YEARS. It has taken me through the journey of learning to crochet, and thus the edges are a bit wonky. I’d love this book so I could make the edges pretty!

  84. I was able to inherit and purchase a couple of Edie Eckman’s books and love the way she explains things. She is a wonderful teacher short of having her in my room while I make a project. I would love to add this book to my repertoire, meager as it may be! I have so many items that I would love to put a border on and this book is the bible of borders, if i know Edie Eckman’s books!

  85. Ah borders for everything!! I am always looking for new way to finish off all of my crafting projects. Embroidered napkins, pillowcases, baby blankets.

  86. I checked out a book on crocheting borders not too long ago from the library. It would be awesome to own a book – and what a great one this would be. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  87. I have been crocheting now for a couple years and would you believe I have a awful time making borders. They are always plain, a simple shell, single crochet , perhaps a picot. I never learned any other border/s. It has limited my talents. I feel that your book would help me advance my learnings and my ability to crochet on a higher level. In turn my confidence would be higher as well.
    Thank you for considering me
    Gayle A
    Anderson Indiana

  88. I’ve been looking for the right border for my first ever crocheted afghan. This book would be so helpful, I’m sure there is a pattern that would be perfect!

  89. My gram (and great gram) passed down a huge selection of old handkerchiefs with different borders. I’d love to make some that I could use as well.

  90. I’ve got a couple of prego friends and this book would be the perfect resource to put some extra love in the blankets I’m crocheting for them!

  91. what a marvellous book!borders are great and can really change the stuff we are doing in turning to comletely different forms can be used with old and new things . ashame we cannot have such nice books in Egypt. i am crocheting for over 20 years now . haven’t encountered such a book

  92. I don’t crochet much, but I love crocheting little additions for knitted or sewed project. I would love to crochet some edgings on skirts.
    aprilly (at) gmail (dot) com

  93. I would love this – people are always asking me to make them scarves so this would come in handy for making more unique items for my friends. I also make blankets for all my friends new little ones and this is perfect for making each one a little more special.

  94. I LOVE Beyond the Square and am sure that this one is just as fabulous. Borders are also such a great way to spruce something up quickly.

  95. I never know what to do for borders, and end up getting exasperated and just leaving it plain. I hope this book can inspire be to go the extra distance!

  96. I am totally addicted to crochet and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, I have never made awesome borders like these! So cool!

  97. I just started to get brave about crochet and have started going beyond just circles and squares. I’m discovering that patterns are easier to follow than I initially thought, including things I thought I would never be able to do, like intricate flowers or borders to existing projects.

  98. Oohh! My toddler loves crochet books. REALLY. And I would love to do that flower edging, too. Would look great on the dress I just made for her. :)

  99. I would love to give this book to my buddy, Lawrence, who is in a wheelchair and crochets for entertainment.

  100. This looks awesome! I bought Edie’s previous book of motifs and really enjoy looking through it to pick out something I want to try. She’s very talented and I’d REALLY love to have this book too. If I don’t win it, I’ll have to find a way to buy it!

  101. a happy crochet addict drooling over those lovely borders that I can imagine adding to many projects

  102. I’ve been digging out old patterns of my grandmother’s to find some neat edgings. This would be perfect for what I need!
    I solemnly swear to go forth and crochet. :)

  103. I would love to have a copy of this book because I want to make myself a simple fleece jacket and add crocheted edgings and accents.

  104. Awesome! I’m just learning to do more than your basic sc/hdc/dc projects, and some fun borders would spice up the basics I have done so far.

  105. I tried commenting once and it didn’t seem to work–apparently I wasn’t signed in. So hopefully this isn’t a repeat. But I heart crochet borders! Baby #5 is coming in November and I’ve made flannel blankets with crocheted edges for all my little ones. I need some new ideas!

  106. I’ll have to start a long list of everything I could edge with the patterns and techniques in this book…

  107. I love the look of the flower trim. Would love to see what else this book has to offer so I can spruce up my work.

  108. I am successfully crocheting a granny square blanket, my motto is “I can crochet a granny square blanket, I can crochet anything.” This book will give me some clue how to finish the blanket with a neat border.

  109. I’m successfully crocheting a granny square blanket. I had the hardest time figuring it out for some reason. However, now I have a “I can crochet a granny square, I can crochet anything,” motto. This book would be really useful in finding a neat edging once the blanket is done.

  110. I have been in such a rut with my crochet lately that I am sure this would liven things up for me. And maybe I could finally finish some of those projects I have sitting around… they do need something a little special. Plus how much cooler would everything be with these awesome edges!!

  111. I am in a constant lookout for books for the library of the sewing co-op at which I volunteer. I am giving a class there on how to spruce up that sweater you found in the free box, and this book would be a real asset.

  112. Wow. Mastering borders would really be great for so many projects… and the borders are so modern and quirky. Absolutely beautiful!

  113. i would LOVE to win this book! i am a recent college graduate who is both broke and unemployed. In my spare time i am trying to create my portfolio to apply for MFA programs. I do not know how to crochet, but i would love to learn and take my art to a new level!

  114. This book looks very promising. I’m looking forward to the endless hours I’ll invest coming up with new crochet projects to use what I learn with it.

  115. I love adding crocheted border to both my crochet projects and my knitted ones. Makes them so much nicer.

  116. I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years, and borders is something I haven’t worked with yet.

  117. Ohmigosh! The borders I could add for my blankets for charity and the trouble I could get my students in with new book recommendations/pattern ideas…

  118. I love books, I love crochet! I love crochet books! I would love to win this crochet book to add pizazz to all my crochet projects.

  119. …and would love to own it! I’m getting really sick of the same old borders on my shawls – just a simple shell stitch. This book would liven up my creative work with yarn and hook!

  120. Oh look at all the pretties I could make! I am on a fixed budget, and with the government not giving us old folks a raise this year, my pennies are very tight!! So please please give me a treat!! I would so treasure it! Scarlettred

  121. I have been to all my local book stores, both new and used and can’t find a book about crochet borders. None. At all. The joy of living in Africa. Seriously, if I had to order this book online, by the time the exchange rate was taken into account and postage and customs duty – my family would have to starve for a week or two. Which kind of defeats the purpose of budgeting by DIY, no?
    Also, once I have mastered all the techniques I promise to forward the book on to one of the local self help community projects empowering impoverished women by creating jobs. Actually, I will even start one up. Oh, I have just had my ‘aha moment’….

  122. just one look at the cover made me talk outloud. Wonderful, inspiring. I have been doing nothing but crocheting for weeks, and this just makes me want to do more.

  123. That’s what I think it would be to own this book! I make so many afghans & wash cloths…squares…quick…plain. A border is what I use to dress them up and individualize them, and I need new ideas! Thanks for this great give-away!

  124. These borders are beautiful! I have am going to be crocheting this summer and would love to try something new!

  125. I’d like to win this because I’ve been doing more crocheting and learning new stitches and techniques and would like to learn even more!

  126. I’ve been crocheting since my grandmother taught me when I was a young girl. I still have some of her crochet cotton, waiting for the perfect project to use it on. And the edgings in this beautiful book are the perfect project! I can see it now! Gorgeous colors, vintage yarn, nostalgic memories of learning to crochet with my beloved “Gommie”, making beautiful things together. She’s been gone 36 years now and I still miss her and think of her every day. And today, when I’m crocheting with some of her yarn, she’s right here with me.
    Thank you for publishing this exciting new book!

  127. My husband and I are retired and live on a fixed income. As a result, I crochet/loom knit all presents given through-out the year. This book has some of the most beautiful borders that I have ever seen. I can just imagine a gift receivers eyes when presented with an afghan, sweater or anything with one of these lovely borders on it. It would upgrade a rather mundane gift to above average status. I would love to have this book to add to my collection. Thank you for this opportunity.

  128. I had a series of mini strokes a year that left my right side weak and crochet is what has helped regain strength in my hand and arm. I am always carrying around working on something and everyone jokes about me being a middleage hooker. I give away everything I make and love finding new things to make. Between the medical bills and my yarn habit leaves little money to buy crochet books. This book would let me be more creative with the borders I put on my crochet items.

  129. I have been crocheting for nearly 30 years, having learned from my gramma when I was about seven. She passed away when I was eleven, but with every project I make, I think of her and how she would be excited to watch and see things turn out awesome! This book would give me yet another reason to think of her and how much she would have enjoyed pouring over it with me and starting new things.

  130. I would really like a copy of this book to give to my Mimi. She enjoys crochet very much. She has Parkinsons disease and the doctor told her this kind of handwork helps her maintain control of her hands. It would be great to give her such a nice gift that will also help her!

  131. I have been making knit and crocheted gifts for my friends and family and would love to know how to add some trims to jazz them up a bit!

  132. i was just searching the web looking for some crocheted borders/trim to put around some jammy pants that shrunk (shrank?) a little to short in the wash…i must have this book.

  133. I’m working on a take top for my toddler and decided to put some trim on it. I can’t find anything store bought that I like so I decided to crochet something. So the internet search begins….then I found this offer.
    I’ve got alot of ideas swirling around in my head to use crochet edges on. My hubby better watch out!!!

  134. I am teaching my girls to crochet and would love to show them how to use crochet to jazz up the stuff they already own.

  135. If I don’t win that book, I’m going to have to figure out how to do that floral border that you featured with this giveaway. It’s adorable, and would look so cute on a tote bag or purse! Thanks for giveaway! Your blog is one of my favorite places on the internet! :-)

  136. I would love to crochet a beautiful border around a cardigan I am knitting for myself :)
    I’d love a chance – please enter me, Thanks!

  137. I think this book would be really cool to get, since most crochet items need something extra to finish them off. To give them an extra special look, instead of bland finishing style

  138. I’m learning to crochet jewelery, but wire and yarn. And these would make excellent elements for necklaces and bracelets.

  139. Oh My Goodness! I love to crochet and crochet “a lot”. With a book like this on hand there are so many things that you could embellish at a moments notice! This book is just awesome! I would love to have it handy to use.

  140. I’d love to win and make that floral border. I’d add it to a cute purse or tote. Thank you for the giveaway. I love your blog. It’s one of my frequent stops on the web. :-)

  141. I crochet nearly every day and have done so for many, many years. I do not like to use patterns much of the time, but I do love stuff like this book that I use for inspiration to create my own designs. This book would be an excellent addition to my book collection and is one I was planning to purchase.

  142. I can think of a hundred thousand uses for these pretty edgings. I hope I win the book. Thank you.

  143. I can think of a hundred thousand reasons to use these pretty edgings. Hope I win. Thank you.

  144. Oh, I so need this book!!! It looks amazing! Crocheting is pretty much the only craft I can do regularly at the moment as anything else is pretty much incompatible with my 9months old crawling around everywhere and messing with everything! And I could add so many great crocheted things to my clothes and my daughter’s clothes. It would be awesome!

  145. I have been teaching myself to crochet over the past two years. I always have something on my hook. I always look for ways to expand my skills and this book will be the perfect tool for that!!!

  146. I was just making a baby blanket the other day thinking that I wished I had a better way to finish off the edges. I’m sure this book would give me lots of neat ideas!

  147. The edgings in this book seem like an excellent way to personalize clothes I buy at the store. I can also see using some to make a nice border for some tea towels I’m embroidering for a friend. There are so many possibilities!

  148. This would make a wonderful surprise for my sister. Crocheting is her relaxation and she makes the most beautiful things.

  149. For someone like me–with a stash that needs busting–this book is a dream come true! Please, oh please, choose me!

  150. I have been teaching my daughters how to crochet this summer and so I’ve been doing some crocheting myself, too. I would love to learn some new and beautiful ways to finsh up my projects. Thank you!

  151. This looks like a fantastic book! I have been crocheting blankets like mad lately and would love to add something fun around the border instead of the same ol’ boring……..Please pick me, this would sure make my day!

  152. just because I love beautiful things. What could be better. A beautiful book teaching me to make beautiful things. A two in one.

  153. I am slowly learning how to crochet. I am still having a little bit of trouble with the tension of the yarn. I have made a couple of flowers but the centers keep coming out too big. I would love to win this book to help me. Thank you!

  154. Wow, a million things went through my mind when I saw this book. All the ways these corners and borders could be used.
    I am a retired senior that makes a lot of my Christmas gifts and this book would give me a lot more to work with and Christmas is right around the corner!
    Thank you for giving me this chance to win this wonderful book.

  155. i could work these borders and create wonderful things with the lethal combination coloured yarn and plain stuff.

  156. I already have the beyond the square book by edie eckman and I love it, so when I saw this book I got very excited! I think I could find all sorts of things to add borders too if I had this book for inspiration!

  157. I am forever trying to prove the superiority of crochet over knitting- this appears to be the perfect weapon.

  158. I can’t top any of the comments already left, but I can tell you I have stacks of dinner napkins and hankies just waiting for the most beautiful edgings I can find. Looks like I may have a HUGE selection of choices here.

  159. I’m relearning crochet & loving it! I would love to stitch up some great borders, like the ones in this book & add them, in creative ways, to some of the many projects I am working on!

  160. And a wedding! My best friend is getting married and a bunch of us (her bride’s maids) are helping her DIY as much as we can! This book would be great for adding a little fancy to everything we are working on!

  161. I’ve been wanting this book ever since it came out because this is the exact thing that got me interested in learning to crochet. I’ve been wanting to embellish things with crochet like pillowcases, throw pillows, placemats, and more! This book sounds like a PERFECT resource for it!

  162. I make a lot of granny square blankets to be given away. I do a basic shell stitch to border it and it comes out very pretty…but a book like this would show some gorgeous borders to place on these blankets….making them very “wowwy” for the recipients of my gifts.

  163. Wow first time I’ve come across this book… exactly what I need to add that extra special touch to cushions, throws and clothing. I was looking for ‘this’ book last year and was so frustrated there didn’t seem to be anything on the market at the time : )

  164. I love this book! I would embellish some of my plain summer dresses first and then look to the kitchen and make dishtowels for presents.

  165. Is this a great book or what? I don’t have time to crochet the whole item, but with this book I can personalize one with a beautiful border. Baby items, girl’s clothing, blankets, sweaters. . . my head is swimming with possibilities.

  166. I have lots of ideas for uses for the edgings. I want to refashion a bunch of my husband’s tshirts for my use. I want to make scarves and blankets for my daughters.

  167. I’ve been a crocheter since I was 12 when my grandma taught me at her kitchen table. Years later, when I was 22, I was sitting around with her crocheting a granny square and she asked me with deep sincerity, “Who taught you how to do that?” I said, “Um, you did.” She responded, “I did?” And that pretty much sums up my grandma.
    I’m currently three months pregnant and my grandma has long since gone the way of cowboys and spring daffodils, but I’m still a hardcore crocheter. I’ve made a gazillion blankets and scarves and sweater vests for boyfriends, and aunts and friends’ moms, but right now I’m working diligently on my very first baby blanket. I make a square a day (sort of like a count down to the birth; I’ll have way too many squares by the end!). Since I don’t yet know if it’s a girl or a boy, I’ve chosen to make it in every color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
    After I’m done and I’ve sewn the squares together, probably about the same time I’ll be due, all it will need is a beautiful border to finish it off. . .

  168. This book looks fabulous! I’m already dreaming about all the ways I could spruce up some old staples in my wardrobe with a fun crochet border.

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