Open Source Hardware

This year’s OSCON (July 19-23, Portland, OR) has its biggest ever hardware hacking track. OSCON co-chair Edd Dumbill covers some of the highlights:

OSCON this year will be a delight for anybody interested in working with hardware. A full open source hardware track offers a range of talks to get you started with hardware hacking, and gives a great insight into the current options for prototyping.

Many software developers are astonished to find that there’s nothing that hard about hardware, and a few basic skills can go a long way. Some have bemoaned that you can’t hack your iPhone the way you used to be able to learn with an Apple ][, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there.

From microcontrollers such as Arduino, through to complete systems such as the SheevaPlug and BeagleBoard, there are now many accessible form factors to enable novices and experts alike to begin experimenting and prototyping hardware systems.

Some of the highlights from Edd’s post:

Check out Edd’s post at O’Reilly Radar for more information, including a 20% discount code.