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O’Reilly author Alasdair Allan (Learning iPhone Programming and the upcoming Programming iPhone Sensors) talked about using the OpenCV framework for face detection at OSCON in Portland, Oregon. In the video above, Mac Slocum interviews Alasdair from the expo floor of OSCON.

For more information on Alasdair’s talk, check out his summary and slides.

2 thoughts on “OpenCV for face detection on the iPhone

  1. Great stuff – looking forward to the book!

    The iPhone 4’s forward-facing camera will also allow the successful magic mirror metaphor to be used for augmented reality apps and allow the device to be kept still.

    I think it’s worth being clear about the difference between face-detection and face-recognition – I wrote a blog about how this tech has developed over the past 15 years:

    Face-detection is also a good way to gauge a viewer’s attention:


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