It wouldn’t be DEtroit without vats of molten metal as bright as the sun pouring and spitting into molds. Poet, painter, photographer, sculptor (AND bartender), Joe Sandor, is providing the hellfire at this weekend’s Maker Faire Detroit. Joe’s actually from Chicago, but we won’t hold that against him. Tonight, at 7pm, he’ll be at the Lost Arts stage, doing a live iron pour using creations from the earlier Scratch Block Workshop. Fresh-baked cannonballs on sale, too!

Joe has a great piece in the latest issue of MAKE, called “Slag Social: The art and community of the DIY iron pour.” From the pictures in the article, it looks like a lot of fun, really hot, sweaty fun.

Chicago Crucible

From the pages of MAKE:

MAKE Volume 23, Gadgets
This special issue is devoted to machines that do delightful and surprising things. In it, we show you how to make a miniature electronic Whac-a-Mole arcade game, a tiny but mighty see-through audio amp, a magic mirror that contains an animated soothsayer, a self-balancing one-wheeled Gyrocar, and the Most Useless Machine (as seen on The Colbert Report!). Plus we go behind the scenes and show you how Intellectual Ventures made their incredible laser targeting mosquito zapper — yes, it’s real, and you wish you had one for your patio barbecue. All this and much, much more.