Mini Maker Faire RI update: coming soon to Providence, RI!

Maker Faire RI Yellow Submarine

We’re doing another Mini Maker Faire here in RI, and wow, it’s happening soon. This year it will once again be embedded within a Waterfire, and we’ll be holding it at the Bank of America Skating Center, August 28, 2010, 3pm-11pm.

And because we want to be as Org 2.0 as possible, we’ve set up a Kickstarter project for people to donate and help make this event happen.

Not only that, we’re still accepting submissions from Makers (the link is on the web site) and we’re up to 16 confirmed exhibitors, with more to come soon: Mini Maker Faire RI Makers.

Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire and DIY Festival: August 28, 2010

Photo Credit: Chris Meringolo


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